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Headcorn aerodrome is also known as Lashenden. ICAO designator EGKH. Visiting pilots please note that Headcorn is PPR in order that pilots can receive an aerodrome briefing. Non radio aircraft are accepted (again strictly PPR). Customs facilities are available from 0900 to sunset for aircraft going to, or returning from the continent. Flight plans should be filed with ATC at least 40 minutes before departure. An electronic flight plan form can be downloaded by following this link and a GAR form can be submitted here.

Headcorn is the base for one of the most active parachute centers in the South of England with jumping taking place up to 15,000 feet. It is therefore prohibited to join overhead the airfield. The parachute Drop Zone is located 300 metres northeast of runway 21 threshold therefore go-arounds on both runways should be conducted straight ahead or to the South of the runway.

Circuit direction is left hand on both runway 28 and 10 with a circuit height of 1,000 feet aal. After landing taxiing is to the South of the runway as soon as possible, parking where available. Care should be taken when taxiing as some areas of the maneuvering area are poor. Runway designators are not provided.

Please click here to see the circuit diagram (PDF file) and note the noise abatement areas of Headcorn, Smarden and Frittenden. Please avoid overflying these areas at all times except where the safety of the flight may be compromised.

Landing fees are:-
Microlights £13.00
Single engine £13.00
Twin £20.00
Circuit Training £30.00

All major credit cards are accepted.

Airfield Details
Elevation 72 feet AMSL
Location 8 nm South of Maidstone 51 09.42N 000 38.50E
Radio A/G 122.00 Lashenden Radio
Address Headcorn Aerodrome, Headcorn, Kent, TN27 9HX
Contact JPA Freeman
Telephone 01622 890226 ATC
Fax 01622 890876
Operating hours Winter/Summer 0900-SS and by arrangement
Customs Available 0900-SS
Fuel AVGAS 100LL, Jet A1 for business users or emergencies
Oil 80,W80,100,W100, W15W50
Fire Fighting Cat RFF Cat 1


Circle radius 2 nm on runway 10/28 - vertical limit surface - 2,000 feet aal

Radio Navigation aids
Frequency 340.0 kHz 115.95 MHz
Operational hours 0900-SS 0900-SS
Range 15 nm 15 nm

Other local Navigation aids

Detling VOR frequency 117.30
Lydd VOR frequency 114.05
Dover VOR frequency 114.95



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Headcorn Aerodrome, Headcorn, Ashford, Kent, TN27 9HX
Tel: +44 (0)1622 890226 / Fax: +44 (0)1622 890876
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